Let's take a trip down memory lane first.

2013... My very first post, on carlwebster.com
2017... First post on www.mycugc.org
2019... CTA award!
2020... This blog was born
2021... CTP award!

Yes, indeed, today I was awarded the Citrix Technology Professional award, CTP for short.

Citrix CTP

I would not be here without a lot of people. The EUC and Citrix community in general, but I would like to call out Carl Webster by name. He granted me the right the publish my articles on his site. That was the spark I needed to take off.

It would also not be possible without my wife and family. Their patience with me was instrumental for the progress in my career.

By all means, I'm deeply honored and humbled to be writing this announcement today. It has been an incredible journey so far, and it's only just the beginning.