Synopsis: my very first own hardware review... of a keyboard and a mouse.

Disclaimer: this is a non-sponsored review.

The problem

I've been working remotely for some time now. But not full time. And that's an entirely different ball game. I've been working on multiple devices, as in multiple laptops. Which means multiple mice and keyboards. That only works for so long, to be honest, and I got fed up with it.

The solution

So I went on a solution hunt. I've been looking at this in the past, but it didn't go through at that point in time. So I revisited my "research" and got me a Logitech Keyboard/mouse set that handles multi-device scenarios. Enter: Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard and Logitech Wireless Mobile Mouse MX Anywhere 2S.

Logitech K780 Logitech MX Anywhere 2S

They are not available as a single bundled SKU. It's I who chose to group them. What made me pick them? They are both supported by Logitech Flow, the software that enhances working with multiple computers.

The good

Installation was a breeze. The keyboard feels very solid, and I really enjoy typing on it. I was used to it in no time. And for a bonus: it's silent enough for me to be able to type and talk at the same time during conference calls. It also has a built-in stand for my smartphone. I thought I wouldn't use that, but it turns out to be something quite handy after all. The mouse also features a silent scrolling wheel, has all the buttons I need/want. You can use and recharge it at the same time should you need to. Or just remember to plug in the usb cable from time to time. Mouse and keyboard can be connected using a single Logitech Unifying Receiver or Bluetooth. The Unifying Receiver is in another class... Bluetooth is... wel just Bluetooth I guess.

The bad

If you want to have all features, you need to install the Logitech Flow software on all computers. Without admin rights, you are out of luck and down to manual switching both devices. That works, but it kind of defeats the idea at the same time. If you need to switch two devices manually, it's not exactly a fast or handy process. Connections over Bluetooth work, but there is a certainly a "lag" present at times. That's not Logitech's fault really... it's just Bluetooth. If you don't have to use it, just don't.

The conclusion

There's no use in putting it off: this set is a very nice solution to my problem. It's not a cheap set of keyboard and mouse, but it's not overly expensive either. If anything, I should have bought it sooner.

Work from home tip: invest in the right gear, it does make a difference.