Synopsis: Publishing WebApps that look cleaner

Sometimes, publishing web resources through Citrix (or any other platform) is just a necessary evil. When you do that, you can just publish the browser, have it start with a specific URL and call it a day.

But you don't want them to have access to the address bar? "Kiosk-mode" is an option any search engine will propose. But it's not great, runs full screen, etc...

Just today I came accross "Application mode". You use it like this:

path/to/edge --app="URL"

This turns this url into a WebApp basically. Separate icon on the taskbar, separate item in Alt-Tab, ... it just looks and feels nicer. This is one to remember for sure. And that's why I created this QuickPost. So I can remember myself in 6 months or so :-)

Stay safe!