Synopsis: PSHostInfo, updated

Remember PSHostinfo? I won't blame you if you don't, but feel free to have a look at it here. It's time for an update. It's not a big update; it does not deserve a full-blown blog post. A QuickPost will do just fine.

What has changed? I updated the code to include minor fixes in reading the INI file values (or lack thereof). Let's call those minor bug fixes and performance improvements. Next, two new actions:

  • Citrix workspace app, icon refresh
  • Citrix workspace app, reset user config

Both actions will only be available if the option is turned on in config.ini and Citrix Workspace App is present on the system.

I updated my GitHub repo here, including an updated installer of the compiled executable. Caution: I used PS2EXE for this one so that it might trigger some false positives in your AV.

Stay safe!